About us

 About us

SIE has created a network of services for the manufacturing of the wiring industry. It is important to remember that for 30 years there is experience in the design and manufacture of assembly equipment and wiring restrictions. The continuous expansion of our company and the ongoing training for our qualified personnel, modern production facilities and machinery, are clearly highlighted, reflecting the quality of our products meeting the exact requirements of our customers.

 Our History

Grupo SIE began its career in the automotive industry 30 years ago in the harness test with its first branch in Cd. Juarez, Mexico, with the passing of the years SIE has been recognized worldwide becoming a supplier of the year. In 2010 the SIE brand software was created under the name of SIHTE (SIE HARNESS TEST EQUIPMENT) SIE has been expanded not only in North America but also in South America, Africa and Europe, reaching more and more dedicated industries to harness test.

 Company profile

SIE Group has been recognized worldwide as a supplier of harness testing equipment, committing to provide integrated innovations focused on harness manufacturers. At SIE we believe that technological innovation is part of the company’s core interest. With the main objective to meet the needs of customers.

 SIE Group Philosophy

In Grupo SIE we want to be the world leader for our customers constantly seeking to meet the exact requirements provided, dedicating all our knowledge and efforts every day to provide a first class service to the automotive industry.

Start operation with the first plant in Juarez, Chih. Mex.

Opening first Europe plant in Valls, Tarragona Spain.

Opening second facility in Chihuahua, Chih. Mex.

Opening the second plant in Europe in Pitesti Romania.

Opening the third facility in Durango, Dgo. Mex.

Opening First plant in Itajai, SC. Brazil

Opening the first plant in Tanger Morocco.

Opening Siplas (Plastic injection division).

Future openings Querétaro MX, Hermosillo MX, Kenitra Moroco

Business Organization Chart

More than 30 years of experience

We have been manufacturing assembly and electrical test equipment

Deliveries on time

We guarantee the delivery of our products in agreed time

Recognition of our clients

Some of our main customers have named us suppliers of the year

Customer service

Our customer service is dedicated and personalized

Some of our customers